Thursday, July 30, 2009

One Grand Deck

One of my most recently completed projects (though several more are still in the works) involved demolishing, extending, and rebuilding a very LARGE deck--2 levels with both indoor and outdoor sections.
Prior to rebuilding, the deck extended roughly 50 feet in length, but was too narrow to function properly. Old pressure treated wood was worn beyond use (nails sticking up, railing falling down.)

All decking was cleared to leave a bare foundation. After securing all existing joists with proper joist hangers and needed spacers, it was time for the improving work to begin.

To solve the issue of the narrow deck, a 4 foot extension was mounted to the existing foundation. 4x4 footers were cemented into the ground to assure proper support.

Upon completion of the extension, composite deck flooring was installed using a clip method (meaning no visible screws--only nice clean boards).

Custom railing and support rails were cut and stained to fit each section of railing (no kits here). Aluminum Contoured balusters and bronze solar caps added a unique touch.

Two grand entrance platform stairs (without railing) created a superior entrance.

For more pictures or information regarding a deck remodel, see my profile for contact information.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Design, Install and Maintain

This is where I begin...
We're a company that offers the full range of services for each project. What does that mean? Not only is the major construction the main focus, but I start at the very beginning and work the customer through the entire process--from designing to maintaining.

A brand new kitchen, from floor to ceiling. New birch cabinets are mounted on fresh, new sheetrock--painted a crisp white. Opposing orange and black washed adjacent walls offer a contrast that ties in with the cutsom copper backsplash.

Custom moulding enhances the overall finished appeal of the space. The ceiling is covered in birch paneling with white accent trim. Track lighting is custom fit to fill the area and add needed spotlighting throughout the space.

To add a personal touch, this antique--and authentic-- Butcher's block is renewed to it's original condition. Sanding, painting, and a newly constructed knife rack, complete the piece.

The overall result is a custom design that reflects the interest and desires of the customer. I leave your home clean, crisp, beautiful and ready to live in.

If interested in information regarding a kitchen remodel, please see my profile for contact information.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Approach

Why do I say
Your Home and Landscape...

I am starting this site as a way to spread my work throughout multiple clientele--to show what I've done, and prepare for what is still ahead.

I am happiest when working outdoors with my hands in the soil. Japanese landscaping is my primary interest, but I know and understand all living-growing-green life.

Unfortunately for me and my interests, landscaping is not always a year long service. So, I take my talents indoors. I am a man of many skills and am capable of approaching most all household needs (from floor to ceiling...and even what's hiding behind them).
More posting of past and future jobs to come...